Month: March 2018

Travelers Are Increasingly “Loving” Vegan Vacations and VegVoyages Is Preparing to Meet the Rising Demand

VegVoyages, a Texas-based company that has been dedicated to organizing vegan vacations since 2004 is now running up to 23 trips per year and looking to better the experience for tourists. The company covers the growing group of ethical travelers who seek to explore the many different cultures and ways of life without having to exploit the locals, harm animals or destroy the environment.

There’s an increase in the demand for vegan tours, mainly because people are adopting the concepts and beliefs— and not merely the idea of vegan foods. The point is not to have people go to a foreign country and force them to have salads and side dishes or stick to the same diet they take at home. One desirable feature of a vegan trip is that it allows travelers enjoy whatever food the locals consume without questioning whether it is 100% vegan or not. You also get to catch a glimpse of the local culture from the community’s way of cooking when on a vegan trip.

The whole vegan tour concept is incomplete without the collaboration of local communities. Company owners say the experience is more or less a cultural exchange adventure. Last year VegVoyages increased the number of destinations from Italy alone to places like Puerto Rico, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. These tours now feature a range of events, such as visiting heritage sites, meeting celebrity vegan spokespersons and veggies-based cooking.

This year, the company is branching out to Ireland and San Francisco. VegVoyages … Read more