All about transformer baby strollers

Each year transformer baby strollers enjoy wider popularity. Strollers with additional demountable elements which backs can be completely spread to horizontal position now actually do not surprise anybody. Mummies from all over the world love such strollers for possibility of their use both for infants, and for toddlers who are able to sit independently. But once it was possible to dream of such techniques only.

The history of transformers has actually begun in 1889 when William Richardson has invented reversible stroller’s model where child could sit as faced to the adult as back to him. William also was the first man who equipped a baby stroller with axes which have allowed wheels to turn independently from each other that has raised maneuverability of his model.

In 50th years of 20 century first collapsible infant strollers appeared in the market, in 60th – the assortment has replenished with collapsible jogging models. Classical transformers have emerged in Europe in the late seventies. The first models were heavy enough, in comparison with habitual strollers. But big sized wheels, basket for products presence and possibility of means save have gained lots of sympathies. Today transformer strollers are one of the most bought versions of children’s “transport”.

Why these strollers are deemed as so convenient? Firstly, because of their universality. Transformer is intended for kids since a birth and till 4 years. It gives parents the chance to avoid purchase both of an infant cradle and jogging stroller that allows them to save a lot of money because they need to buy only one model, not two different. Besides, transformer is much more convenient if the kid has only started to sit. Your little one doesn’t want to lie any more, but quickly gets tired while sitting and falls asleep. At this time the stroller which can be instantly transformed into cradle will be very convenient.

Transformers are lighter than classical infant strollers (on the average they weigh to 15 kg), have smaller dimensions and can be folded more compactly. Demountable details-heaters, the big hood, a cape on legs, the additional warmed sleeping bag make transformer all-weather in use. Model with big pneumowheels can be turned into cross-country-stroller. Five-dot seat belts, some positions of a back, an adjustable footboard make this jogging variant convenient and safe for the kid. And special handle allows parents to change the position of a kid quickly, covering the baby from sun and wind. For mum’s convenience the capacious basket for purchases, some additional pockets and a bag on stroller’s handle are intended.

Despite listed pluses, it is necessary to recognize that quality of “two in one” production often is worse, than quality of things made separately. In comparison with classical stroller, transformer has no rigid basis which allow child to lie on an equal surface. So, concerning this question, transformers which have transfer sleeping bag with rigid bottom are more convenient. The transformer in “cradle” position is closer for the child and is insufficiently deep (especially it is noticeable in the winter, when kid sits in warm clothes and blanket).

Transformers are low, their baskets are not monolithic as in cradle-strollers; they consist of separate elements. The suspension bracket is much more rigid, therefore such models possess lesser passableness. Also it will be more difficult to rock the child to sleep: the stroller is rocking only aside.

If the handle is established in “faced to mum” position, brakes will be behind a stroller; therefore it is necessary to run all round the model each time when you want to block the wheels.

The abundance of demountable details imparts to transformer “the loaded” look. It is necessary to note some improved transformer versions – the Italian stroller Magnum (made by Inglesina) and Martina (made by CAM). These models have capacious deep cradles which can be easily transformed to a walking seat and established both on high classical, and on the light-weight chassis.

The price of transformer strollers varies from 150 up to 3000 dollars. For 150$ it is possible to buy the creaking monster with jamming connections which will hardly get into the lift. For 3000$ you will receive an exclusive model assembled manually with individual design, made of natural materials and with high technologies use. But the majority of parents choose golden mean – strollers, which cost within the limits of 300-1000 dollars.

Transformer baby strollers, as usual, have collapsible basket which can be turned to cradle or walking seat. The design is rather difficult. Therefore quality is really very important for the given kind of strollers. Only models made by known and proved manufacturers can guarantee accordance to worlds’ standards. Actually, exactly these strollers are reckoned among the most bought.

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