Louis Vuitton Cruiser Bag Review

The Louis Vuitton Cruiser Bag is one of Louis’s answers to the need for stylish, yet practical, ‘luggage bags.’ Other luggage bags from Louis Vuitton include the likes of the Deauville Bag, the Carryall Louis Vuitton Bag, the ‘trolley’ known as Pegase 60 and the ‘Keepall 55’ Bag. Now I can count well over six ‘luggage’ bags that I have gotten to use over the last few years. But of all these ‘luggage’ bags that have come into my use, I must confess that it is the Cruiser Bag that I have come to most enchanted with – and this for good reason.

The first thing you finding yourself taking note of, when you come across Louis Vuitton Cruiser Bag for the first time, is its unique design: which makes it look like something between a box (with four clear-cut corners) and a bag (with a handle, a zip and all that).

The Vuitton Bag is an unapologetically large bag. In terms of length, it is some 18 inches, with its height being some 12 inches and its width being 10 inches; quite a huge handbag by any standards. The space created by all this surely more than the average traveler could ever find use for.

Besides unique design, another thing for which the Louis Vuitton Cruiser Bag is notable is its elegance; mainly thanks to the colors employed on it. These, mainly dark brown (with cream cross forming squares all over the bag) are neither too loud nor too quiet: just the right combination to create a feel of elegance.

Inside the Louis Cruiser Bag, one finds an open compartment; so that you don’t have to fold your luggage to have it fit into the bag. This is a huge advantage, for there have been complaints from certain quarters that the ‘too much compartmentalizing’ that makers of traveling bags do in their products often ends up being a disadvantage to the users of the bag; especially when there are bigger pieces of luggage to be fitted in.

The hardware on Louis Bag is golden, but notably, this is the sort of hardware that doesn’t seem to lose its sheen with the passage of time; something many people have always complained of regarding bag hardware. Incidentally, the hardware we are looking at here includes a double zipper, which is what Louis Vuitton provides the users of Vuitton Cruiser Bag with as a closure mechanism, alongside a buckle mechanism.

Due to its unique shape, Vuitton Cruiser Bag is the sort of the bag that you are better off carrying on your hand (rather than hanging on your shoulders). To make for easy hand-carriage, Louis Vuitton providers the users of the Louis-Vuitton Cruiser Bag with a rounded leather handle; which is both strong and friendly to the ‘carrier’s’ hands.