Louis Vuitton Handbags – Is It Always Safe To Carry One?

Louis Vuitton handbag owners, please listen up. I am spotting a lot of Louis handbags out there that are being misused and mishandled. These precious handbags should be handled like newborn babies. With a gentle touch and lots of love.

Louis Vuitton handbags are some of the most luxurious of all handbags. You have to appreciate the hard work and craftsmanship put into each Louis item. These are not your average designer handbags. If they were, then more people would be walking the streets with real ones. You know what I’m saying?

Here’s a question for you. Have you ever wondered why handbag designers make so many of the same style of bags, just in different colors or material? I often wondered that same question until it hit me one day, while standing in the rain, clutching my bag to my chest, like it was a baby. Designers know that some particular handbags are not meant to be worn at particular times.

At that moment in the rain I figured out the reason for the multiples of one particular bag. It’s simple when you think about it. Not all bags can withstand all weather conditions. Some bags are made with different fabrics for you to have the style you want for every condition. For instance; the Denim Speedy 30 was not meant, in any way, to be worn in the rain. You can spray all kinds of leather treatments and scotch guards on it, but still get home with a soaked, wrinkled up mess. It’s just the same as getting your jeans soaked. Then again, I would rather soak a great pair of jeans. They can be thrown in the wash. Unfortunately, your Louis cannot.

Another time that I would recommend you not carry your handbag is when you are going to outdoor functions that surround you with water or dirt. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the Monogrammed Satchel sitting in the floor of amusement park rides. It sickens me to think of it. LV makes very fashionable bags that were meant to be taken to places like that. The street bags are great for outdoor activity. Or, the Vernis and some Antigua bags are safer around water. Your best bet is to have a seasonal bag to be safe. You can never go wrong with owning more than one Louis.

This was just a small article for the public to know and understand the importance of taking care of such fine items. Now, I know it’s just a handbag, and there are more important issues in the world. I am aware of the crisis that we face day-to-day. But, for those of you who own Louis Vuitton handbags or would like to someday, just know that how you treat it will affect the longevity of the bag. You can pass them down to the next generation if you take care of it.

Louis Vuitton handbags were made to last for a lifetime. The quality of each bag speaks for itself. All I am saying is handle with care. Thanks for listening!