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Base Pack Weight: That is all issues, excluding consumables, which include meals, water and gasoline. My goal was to keep this weight underneath 20 lbs, as I estimated meals would be about 1.7 lbs per day x 6 days, which would be about 10 lbs, and I wished to keep my pack underneath 30 total lbs. My total base weight ended up being about 11.5 lbs!! I was very excited about this.

I lastly broke free when my heart specialist recognized coronary heart disease. If I didn’t get shifting quickly, I’d be six toes under the ground earlier than I ever bought four thousand miles over the ocean. Luckily, surgical procedure fastened my coronary heart situation, and my first journey to Europe sealed my lust for travel.

From September 25 by October 9, 2014, twelve School of the Ozarks college students accompanied twelve Vietnam Warfare Veterans for the inaugural Patriotic Schooling trip back to Vietnam. Please go to to read a weblog of their travels together visiting locations together with Saigon, the Mekong Delta, the la Drang Valley, Da Nang, Khe Sanh, Hue and Hanoi.

Seventeen College of the Ozarks college students accompanied 9 Korean Conflict Veterans on a Patriotic Schooling trip again to the historic places that turned the tide of communism on the Korean Peninsula – a spot the place America and her allies triumphed over the forces of tyranny. Please visit, , to comply with this journey that happened September/October 2013.

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