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These are the most important sections, but this website also covers a number of different miscellanea regarding Joseph Rock and other explorers of the area, such as Frank Kingdon Ward. It additionally covers close by areas corresponding to Dali (I have the most effective photos of the Cangshan peaks ), Lijiang, Kangding and Chengdu, with pictures displaying how they have changed over time.

It was a long plod right down to the tree line, and there wasn’t much to see on the way, besides occasional glances again to the go. We passed a few stone huts about half manner down after which entered thicker bush that ultimately morphed into the fir forest. It was right here I had my second close to miss of the journey, once I narrowly missed having my eye poked out by a protruding sharp broken tree branch.

Following lunch we took a sea aircraft out to the Great Barrier Reef, one in every of my private bucket checklist moments, where we flew over coronary heart reef and touched down on the water. It was surreal to see this in individual and images actually don’t do it justice. I would recommend everyone do this in their lifetime. Regardless of the damage to the reef, this place is still nature at it is finest.

After my current ‘success’ going across the Yading outer kora in seven days, I’m itching for a new problem. I was pondering that I had finished it all in relation to treks round mountains ranges resembling Kawakarpo and Gongga Shan. However I used to be unsuitable. There’s one unvisited space that has attracted me ever since I saw it on Google Earth – the western glaciers of Kawakarpo.