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The Mosuo are sometimes characterized as a matriarchal society, as the family heads are at all times ladies, who’re answerable for all financial selections and for passing of the household identify and property. The matriarch (Ah mi, or elder female, in Chinese language) is the top of the house. The Ah mi has absolute energy. Mosuo ladies do all the home tasks, including cleaning, tending the fire, cooking, gathering firewood, feeding the livestock, and spinning and weaving.

The project has been mentored by artist and Member of Parliament, Jogen Chowdhury, where a staff of artists worked with eminent artists Mr. Barun Saha and Mr. Rintu Roy to create art on the partitions. In contrast to graffiti art or street art, the walls of Kolkata were completed up in a fairly totally different method – these showcase the trendy art scene of Bengal, and the areas chosen are, for the time being, around central and south Kolkata, and in time, a huge variety of walls will likely be made available for future endeavors.

Lastly, Korean alpinist Sung Taek Hong and his Spanish climbing associate Jorge Egocheaga Rodriguez are actually en route to Lhotse. The duo have been scheduled to fly out of Kathmandu on Saturday and begin the trek up the Khumbu Valley. They’re going to acclimatize alongside the way by bagging just a few other peaks in the region earlier than heading on to Base Camp, the place they’ll begin preparations to take on the very tough South Face of the mountain. With no other climbers on Lhotse this season, and Everest fully deserted as effectively, it appears they are going to have the place to themselves.

Chinese opera has a long historical past in Thailand, which is dwelling to the biggest abroad Chinese group in the world. Bangkok’s Chinatown roving performances have casts consisting of a mixture of Chinese language and Thai performers. The objective of those roving troupes in Bangkok is to preserve Chinese culture and tradition in a country the place Thai-Chinese language are sometimes third or fourth technology. The performances are additionally held to please the gods.